I have a strange tendency to boast about the fact that TV shows and movies rarely make me cry. I don’t know why this is something to be proud of, and the incidence of my eyes getting watery has definitely increased since I became a mom.

I went down some…

It shouldn’t even be a thing

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A couple of months ago I was complaining to a friend that despite exercising, meditating, doing yoga, and sleeping enough I was still feeling tired and anxious. “Have you tried stopping ?” he asked. “Which thing?” I said, hoping he was going to say exercise. “Everything,” he said, “just stop…


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Welcome to the most dramatic season of Bachelor in Paradise ever. According to former host, Chris Harrison, when it came to drama, every season of Bachelor in Paradise crushed all the others. Then he got fired because he defended a contestant who had attended “plantation parties” years ago. …

The ripple effect works in mysterious ways. Photo by Ave Calvar on Unsplash


20 years ago today it had never occurred to me that airplanes could fly into buildings. Being an anxious person, I was really good at coming up with worst-case scenarios, but this particular one had never occurred to me. I also hadn’t yet learned why I was an anxious person…

Katherine Ortega Courtney, PhD

Psychologist, Author, andvCo-Director of Anna, Age Eight Institute for the prevention of childhood trauma and social adversity at New Mexico State University

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